This is a multi-media, group study meant for you and a team to complete together. It includes the following components that can be implemented to your group's discretion: 1) Core Teaching Podcasts, 2) Video Testimonial Portraits, and 3) Resources, including outlines, case studies and review questions to facilitate continued discussion.

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Monday’s Calling is a 6-part study opportunity designed to assist the church in forming disciples who are equipped and motivated to steward their vocational power to love our city to life. We were intentional about developing the study with local leadership and involving ordinary believers who are actively living out their faith in a variety of contexts. The hope for participants is to develop 1) a deeper sense of Christian identity that seeks the glory of God and human dignity; 2) a more robust understanding of vocation and the pursuit of a greater integration of faith and work as whole-life discipleship; 3) a growing recognition of the redemptive value of work in diverse contexts and places of life; 4) a more engaged and impactful church in the marketplace and in all spheres of influence for the common good and flourishing of the city.



While this opportunity will not be a fit for all congregational or marketplace contexts, we believe there are many communities who can be served by the content we have developed. We resonate with those who:


  • Believe that the gospel communicates the kind of life that we are both created for and yearn for.

  • Believe deeply that the local church is to be a redemptive presence in our communities.

  • Know that discipleship is and can be a fresh way of following Jesus that embraces all of life.

  • Seek a posture as Christ-followers in our culture that remains distinct within it, yet is perceived as being for the city.

Ultimately, together we are interested in accelerating God’s movement already underway through the church in an effort help the body of Christ flourish in Central Ohio.​

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To access the study series, we invite your bible study, discipleship group, or small group to connect with our growing community to fill out the form here or on the button below.

“This class has helped me see my work as God’s workmanship. He has preordained things for me to do (Ephesians 2:10). I can rest in that truth and in Him.” 




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