Here at Catalyst for Columbus, we believe that the kind of discipleship that will lead people to follow Jesus into his work of renewing and restoring humanity and creation is one that must embrace a robust understanding of calling, vocation, and work. Toward this end, we are working to catalyze a network of churches in Columbus that can continually learn and collaborate in the kingdom work of renewing culture and flourishing our city.




A recent study sponsored by the Barna Group and the Navigators noted that less than one percent of pastoral leadership believes that the local church is doing a good job discipling believers. Particularly in growing metropolitan communities across the country, there seems to be the common challenge of implementing a sustained process of helping believers to be equipped and engaged for Kingdom witness and ultimately city transformation. Correspondingly from the perspective of marketplace leaders, there remains the vocational challenge presented by the perpetual divide between ministry “inside the walls” of the local church and equally valuable ministry in the other spheres of cultural and societal influence beyond religious institutions. There has never been a more critical moment than the present to restore and to leverage the intersection of faith, work and community in the collaborative practice of ministry.