Catalyst is a growing movement of friends loving Jesus and loving our city to life.

Formed from a prayer group of marketplace professionals, Catalyst's mission is to celebrate and accelerate a unified Gospel movement in Central Ohio through three strategic priorities: pray, fortify, and serve.


A Gospel movement is a united, sustainable effort by churches and cultural leaders to transform their city by meeting critical needs, sharing the love of Jesus, and proclaiming His message. A Gospel movement is taking place when the percentage of Christians is increasing faster than the general population, where there is meaningful progress made toward social welfare and spiritual needs in the city, and when an increased number of Christ-followers are deployed into influential sectors of society. At its core, a Gospel movement is church-driven, gospel-centered, disciple-led and city-focused. It extends across multiple churches and other Christian networks. It doesn't reside in a single church or single set of leaders. There is no particular command center. Catalyst is designed to celebrate God's active presence in central Ohio and to accelerate a vibrant and sustainable Gospel movement in the city. As Christ-followers actively engaged in our respective church fellowships, neighborhoods and ministries, our commitment is long-term. Our posture is to come alongside church fellowships and para-church ministries in an effort to advance the Gospel throughout the city.